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The Center for Latino Progress has formalized its youth programming. Our youth programs combine curriculums, services, STEM (bike mechanics), and activities that provide youth with a well-rounded foundation and view of what it means to be prepared to enter the workforce, as well as focus and embark on a college experience. It includes cultural exploration to ensure youth broaden their interests and skill sets in order to facilitate success no matter which path they choose.

Our Youth Programs include BiCi Co.’s Earn A Bike program.

Program Description & Expertise

A multi-class bicycle course for youth and teens between ages 14 and 19. Class sizes will be between 8-12 youth and include:

  • Classroom instruction
    • Bicycling science, physics, and engineering concepts. Environmental impact of transportation.
    • Safe and confident cycling – Curriculum for youth from the League of American Cyclists
    • Hartford bicycle history – Albert Pope and the Columbia Bicycle Company
    • Cultural significance and bike culture in the Latino community
  • Basic bicycle repair skills – Change a flat tire, lubrication, brake adjustment, ABC Quick Check
  • Parking lot bicycle skill drills – Handling, stopping, avoidance maneuvers


The program has a Module-Based curriculum focused on:

  • Self-Knowledge
  • Career Interest
  • College-Going
  • Check Yourself
  • College Search
  • Office Etiquette
  • Preparing for an Interview
  • College Visits
  • Effective Presentations
  • Internship Support
  • Digital Responsibility
  • Technology 101
  • Resume Development
  • College Student Panel
  • Self-Knowledge 2

The Capital Workforce Partners’ Career Competencies curriculum emphasizes:

  • Basic Skills: Math and Reading
  • Computer Literacy
  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Personal Qualities
  • Job Seeking
  • Financial Literacy
Youth Programs

After School Program

After school youth programming aims to provide juniors and seniors meaningful exposure to the private sector workplace through initiatives such as: career exploration days, job shadowing opportunities, field trips and company tours, internships and pre-apprenticeships, and job readiness/career competency training. Learn more

Summer Youth Employment and Learning Program

It provides intensive skills training, career exploration, and job readiness opportunities to youth, empowering them to overcome destructive cycles of poverty and experience future success in the workforce.

The SYELP is a tier structured 5-6 week, summer “work and learn” experience in July and August designed for students between 8th – 12th grades. Students are trained using the Capital Workforce Partners Career Competencies System.

  • Tier II – Career competency development and worksite experience for ages 14 to 17. Participants received hourly wages.
  • Tier III – Career competency development through real-world experiences for ages 17 to 19. Participants will receive hourly wages.

Remember to select the Center for Latino Progress as your place to work when you register.

Summer Youth Programs

Support for our youth programs is provided by: