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The Transport Hartford Academy is an advocacy program aimed at promoting modes of transportation which are environmentally sustainable, equitable, safe, and accessible. We are passionate about biking, walking, transit, and multi-modal transportation. Education is a priority at Transport Hartford and, every summer, we organize a summer youth program, focused on transportation in our city. You can find, below, our legislative priorities, information on our annual summit, and on our walk audits.

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Contact: Jay Stange, Coordinator

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2023 Legislative Priorities

The Transport Hartford Academy is promoting modes of transportation which are environmentally sustainable, equitable, and accessible. As such, we are supporting policies that would reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT), increase public transit ridership, support micro-mobility, address safety for all Vulnerable Road Users, and processes that include communities who are overburdened by pollution and who rely on public transportation.

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5th Annual Northeast Multimodal Transit Summit

Every year, Transport Hartford organizes a summit addressing the key questions on our transportation system. Our Summits bring together transportation professionals, community representatives, academics, and officials with the goal of helping decision-makers plan a future that meets the transportation needs of our society. Recordings of our 2022 summit are available on our YouTube Channel.

The 2022 Program features a lunchtime presentation by Mayor Erin Stewart of New Britain, CT, who explains how her town developed bicycle, walking and transit infrastructure to build a stronger local economy. Program Here:

Register here for our 2022 summit which will take place on Monday November 21.

Walk, Bike, and Transit Audits

Transport Hartford organizes regular walk, bike, and transit audits. These audits are aimed at assessing the safety of a designated area for most vulnerable road users such as walkers, wheelchairs users, and cyclists.

Here is a Webinar Recording on how to conduct a walk audit and Presentation Slides. We follow the AARP toolkit as part of the organization’s strategy to promote livable communities. All our walk audits are available here.


Transport Hartford organizes regular public events. Among them, our monthly multimodal meetings are opportunities to discuss policies, meet stakeholders, and socialize. We are co-organizers of Transit Equity Day which commemorates the legacy of Rosa Park. We also host regular public forums with officials, experts, community members, and advocates.


Here is a selection of articles highlighting our actions.